New Year, Old Memories

Welcome to the past! And, indeed, the present, and perhaps the future. This is Jesmond Memories, an audiovisual blog where Jesmond’s collective and individual memories are collected, curated, and preserved for listeners today, tomorrow and for years to come.

Whether you want to save a memory of your experiences in Jesmond five decades, five years, or five minutes ago, this blog can help to make that happen. By recording the thoughts and voices of Jesmond’s residents, we hope to create a patchwork soundscape of our people, our histories and our lives today. Please take a look at the memories we have collected so far, and perhaps consider submitting your own.

You can contact us to organise a time to come and record your memory in person, or email a sound recording or video taken with your phone or computer to You can also send in written memories for us to share online, and photos are always appreciated!

Jesmond Memories is only in its infancy, but we hope that it will blossom into something wonderful.

We hope you enjoy Jesmond Memories.

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