Surinder and Sunita Rehan – Jesmond News

Jesmond Oh Jesmond!!

by Surinder and Sunita Rehan, Jesmond News



Jesmond News – Photo c/o Sunita and Surinder Rehan

We fell in love and wanted to live in Jesmond since 1987 when our son started at Newcastle Preparatory School in Eslington Terrace. In 1991 the newsagents “Jesmond News” on Clayton Road was put on market for sale by Mr & Mrs Wilkie; we saw it and grabbed the opportunity and bought the business in the July of the same year. We are still running the business today, my husband Surinder and I successfully run the business with the help of one part time staff. We are based on the top of Clayton Road and, within a row of mixed businesses which have definitely evolved over the years, in 1991, there was a green grocer, sweet shop and a few antique shops whereas nowadays the street is a mix of hairdressers, clothing boutiques and a growing number of coffee shops.

I think we are the longest serving occupants of any business on Clayton Road coming into 2017 and our own business has seen so many changes. In 1991 we started as a small shop, supplying newspapers, cigarettes and confectioneries and now in more modern times we have become a small mini market having had an extension on the premises to fit our various shop-fits. Jesmond itself has changed a lot with all the new parking restrictions all over the area and with new bar culture on Osborne Road.


Surinder and Sunita

We have three children, who were born in Princess Marys Hospital and went to school in Jesmond. They are all thriving in their own chosen professions around the world; however, Jesmond is always home and they still hold a torch that someday they will come back and live in Jesmond with their own families.

Jesmond is a beautiful place to live, so close to the city centre with an abundance of facilities on your door step. We love living here, having raised our children here and earning our crust here. As one of our children puts it, “I was born in Jesmond, I went to school in Jesmond, I go for a night out in Jesmond and I live in Jesmond.” -a True Jesmonite). Long May It Last.

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